4 Pack - RBC34 UB670 6V 7AH RBC34 SLA Battery F1 Terminal 2 Year Warranty

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6v 7ah sealed lead acid battery ub670,ps-670


6V, 7AH

Dimensions(inches) L- 5.91 W- 1.34 H- 3.70


 Replaces the following and more

 MNC8451P Access SLA665 Access SLA672 Amstron AP-670F1 Amstron AP-670F2 BB BP7-6 BB BP8-6H Casil CA635 CSB GH670 CSB GH670 CSB GP660 CSB GP665F2 CSB GP670 CSB GP672 CSB GP672 F2 CSB GP672F2 CSB GPL672 Dantona LEAD 6V 6.5BP Dantona LEAD67 Douglas Guardian DBG6-7F Douglas Guardian DBG66 Douglas Guardian DBG67 Douglas Guardian DG6-7F Douglas Guardian DG66 Douglas Guardian DG67 Elk ELK-0670 Elk ELK-0675 EnerSys NP7-6 EnerSys NP7-6FR Global Yuasa ES66 Global Yuasa ES7-6 GS Storage PE6V6.5 GS Storage PE6V7.2F1 Haze HZS6-7.2 IBT BT7.2-6 IBT BT7.5-6 Interstate ABSL0925 Interstate BSL0925 Interstate PC670 Interstate SLA0021 Interstate SLA0924 Interstate SLA0925 Interstate SLA0926 Interstate SLA3028 Johnson Controls GC645 Johnson Controls GC665 Johnson Controls GC6657 Johnson Controls JC665 Johnson Controls JC670 Jolt SA672 Kung Long WP7-6 Kung Long WP7-6S Leoch LP6-7.2 MK ES7-6 Panasonic LC-P067R2P Panasonic LC-PO67R2P Panasonic LC-R067P Panasonic LC-R067R2 Panasonic LC-R067R2P Panasonic LC-R465P Panasonic LC-R6V6.5BP Panasonic LC-R6V6.5BP2 Panasonic LC-R6V6.5BPI Panasonic LC-R6V6.5P Panasonic LC-R6V6.5P1 Panasonic LC-R6V6.5PBP Panasonic LC-R6V65BP1 Panasonic LC-R6V65BP2 Panasonic LC-R6V6P Panasonic LC-R6V7.2BP Panasonic LC-R6V7.2P Panasonic LC-RB066R5P Panasonic LC-RB066R5P1 Panasonic LC-RV6.5P Panasonic LC-V069PU1 Panasonic UP-RW0645Ch1 Portalac PE6V6.5 Power Patrol SLA0925 Power-Sonic PS-670 R&D 5375 Rhino SLA7-6 Ritar RT670H Sonnenschein 100001164 Sonnenschein 150KVA Sonnenschein 153302004 Sonnenschein 3FX3S Sonnenschein 6V5 Sonnenschein 6V5AH Sonnenschein 6V6 Sonnenschein 6V6AH Sonnenschein 719046500 Sonnenschein A206/5.7S Sonnenschein A206/6 Sonnenschein A206/6.5S Sonnenschein A506/6.5S Sonnenschein E100 Tempest TR7-6 Tempest TR7-6HES Union MX-06065 Union MX-06070 Union PW0606.5 Universal (UPG) D5734 Universal (UPG) UB670 Vision CP672 Vision CP677 Yuasa NP7-6 Yuasa NP7-6FR RBC Battery Cartridges RBC18 APC RBC18 APC RBC34 APC SMART-UPS POWERSTACK 250VA (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS POWERSTACK 450VA (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS PS250 (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS PS450 (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS RM PS250 (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS RM PS450 (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS RM SUA1000RM1U (Requires 4 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS RT SC250RM1U (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS SC450RM1U (Requires 2 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS SUA1000RM1U (Requires 4 Batteries) APC SMART-UPS SUA750RM1U (Requires 4 Batteries) Cyber Power OR1000LCDRM1U (Requires 4 Batteries) Cyber Power OR500LCDRM1U (Requires 2 Batteries) Cyber Power OR700LCDRM1U (Requires 2 Batteries) Cyber Power PR1000LCDRM1U (Requires 4 Batteries) Cyber Power PR750LCDRM1U (Requires 4 Batteries) Cyber Power UR500RM1U (Requires 2 Batteries) Cyber Power UR700RM1U (Requires 2 Batteries) Exide PowerWare Personal 500 (Requires 3 Batteries) MGE ES-4 MGE ESV5 (Requires 2 Batteries) MGE Pulsar EL 2 (Requires 2 Batteries) MGE Pulsar EL 4 (Requires 2 Batteries) MGE Pulsar ES 3 Plus (Requires 2 Batteries) MGE Pulsar ES 5 Plus (Requires 2 Batteries)