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Kenwood NX-410 Battery

Kenwood NX-410 Battery

knb32mh or qkb32-07
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18 Month Warranty

Free Shipping To US Inner 48

High Quality Cells and Plastics 

Fits And Replaces: KNB-31, KNB-31A, KNB-32, KNB-32N


  • Kenwood Replacement Battery

    7.5V 2500mAH Ni-MH ( Nickel–Metal Hydride ) Battery

    Replacement for Kenwood Two-Way Radio(s)

    Replaces Model(s): TK-2180, TK-2180K, TK-2180K2, TK-3180, TK-3180K, TK-3180K2, TK-5210, TK-5210G, TK-5210GK, TK-5210GK2, TK-5210GK3, TK-5210GK7, TK-5210K, TK-5210K2, TK-5310, TK-5310G, TK-5310GK, TK-5310GK2, TK-5310GK3, TK-5310GK4, TK-5310GK5, TK-5310GK6, TK-5310GK7, TK-5310K, TK-5310K2


  • Provides excellent discharge characteristics

  • High impact ABS and Polycarbonate plastic polymers for ruggedness.

  • Comprehensive testing including high altitude performance, vibration, mechanical shock, thermal cycling, external short circuit and overcharge test simulations.
  • Guaranteed to maintain 80% of its rated capacity for 18 Months from date of shipment.
  • The battery replaces is 100% compatible and meet or exceeds original specification


Additional Banshee Battery Information:

* 18 month warranty on radio batteries (covers cells, casings, and all components)

* Only use Highest Grade Cells

* All packs meet or exceed OEM QC testing

* Call for pricing on large quantities or competitive bids

* Over 95 combined years experience in the rechargeable battery industry


Kenwood NX-410 Battery