Motorsports Battery Maintenance and Storage for Longest Life

Motorsports Battery Maintenance and Storage for Longest Life

Under most conditions when you are riding your Bike, ATV, or other Power Sport vehicle on a regular basis, no charging or maintenance is required. The batteries are charged by your Motorcycle alternator.

Don’t forget that your bike, with a clock, stereo, and CB radio, alarm system, etc never completely turned off. Each of those devices has a "keep alive memory" to preserve your radio pre-sets and time, and those memories draw about 20 milliamps, or .020 amps. So bikes left for a long period of time will slowly discharge the battery. Also batteries have a ‘Stand Loss” or shelf life when not in use.

So if you leave your battery in your bike and don’t use it for a long period of time, we recommend that at a minimum, you start your bike every few weeks and let it run for 10-15 minutes.


Recommended Best Practice for Extended Storage

  1. Remove the battery from the bike (Make sure the terminals are clean)
  2. Fully Charge the battery
  3. Remove the battery from the charger
  4. Store the battery somewhere cool and dry Say somewhere between 60 and 70 F

    If you leave it in storage for more than 6 months, just pull it out and top charge it again.We DO NOT recommend leaving your battery on any type of charger or maintainer for an extended period of time. (Most of these devices will overcharge the battery) It is best to charge it and store it. Then top charge it every 3-6 months.  
  5. When you’re ready to ride, just give it a top charge and go.

When batteries are placed in extended storage, it is recommended that they receive a refresh charge, typically about every 3-6 months depending on the storage temperature. Self-discharge rate is very much dependent on the storage temperature. Lower temperatures allow the battery to be stored for longer periods. Hotter temperatures decrease storage time. Recommended storage temperatures between 45 to 70F. 


Maintenance-Free Operation During the expected service life of PowerStar, Banshee and Shotgun batteries, there is no need to check the specific gravity of the electrolyte or add water, which means they require no maintenance service, In fact, there is no provision for these maintenance functions.

 Sealed Construction Our PowerStar, Banshee and Shotgun batteries have a unique construction and sealing technique ensure that no electrolyte leakage can occur from the terminals. This feature insures safe, efficient operation of the batteries in any position. Our SLA and Motorcycle batteries are classified as "Non-Spillable" and will meet all requirements of the International Air Transport Association.

Absorptive Glass Mat System (AGM System)  PowerStar, Banshee and Shotgun batteries make use of fine mat separators (glass fiber) wherein sufficient electrolyte is absorbed to provide the longest life and steady service This system prevents escape of electrolyte from the separator which causes leakage.

Stable Quality & High Reliability PowerStar, Banshee and Shotgun batteries have stable and reliable performance. The battery can withstand overcharge, over-discharge, vibration, and shock, and is capable of extended storage


Warranty Information

Shotgun 1 Year Full Replacement 
PowerStar 2 Years Full replacement
PowerStar H-D (Blue) 3 Years, Full Replacement
Banshee (Red) 3 Years full replacement Months 1-36,  Months 37 to 48 Pro-rated (discounted 50%)

All warranties are performed through Bigtime Battery. If you have a failed motorcycle battery that is within the stated warranty period. Please contact us, or call 815-467-7679.  Please have your order information available if possible, in most cases  we can locate your purchase history and validate your warranty with your original order number alone.  We request that you have a 3rd party crank test the battery and only send us the test ticket, for replacement. This is so you do not have to pack and reship the battery to us. This test can commonly be performed by a local auto parts retailer.

 Not sure what battery you need? Call 1-815-467-6464 or email

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