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APC BK200 Replacement Battery

APC BK200 Replacement Battery

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2 AGM, 6V, 4.5AH PowerStar Replacement Batteries L- 2.76 W- 1.85 H- 3.98 Terminal Type: T1. Fits: APC Back UPS 200 , APC Back UPS 200B , APC BK200 , APC BK200B , Battery-Biz B6800 , Interstate Batteries ASLA3050 , US Power BUP1018 , Powersonic PS-640 , CSB GP645 , Panasonic LC-RB064P, Yuasa NP4-6 , Kung Long WP4-6 , Haze HZS6-5, Union MX-06040. does not include wiring harness, save and re-use existing wiring harness