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Replacement Battery for APC RBC11

Replacement Battery for APC RBC11

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4 AGM 12V 17AH L-7.13 in W- 3.03 in H- 6.26 Terminal Type: T3. Each pack consists of (4) 12Volt 17AH Lead acid batteries only, does not include wiring harness, save and re use exisiting wiring harness. Voltage 12 AH Rating 17 Chemistry Sealed Lead Acid Warranty 2 Years RBC11 battery kit replaces these APC models: SU1400XLTNET, SU1400RMXLTNET, SU2200, SU2200NET, SU2200RM, SU2200RMNET, SU2200RMXL, SU2200RMXLT, SU2200XL, SU2200XLNET, SU2200XLTNET, SU3000, SU3000RMNET, SU24XLBP, SU48XLVP, SU48BP