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RBC27 SU2200RMXLi3U replacement SLA Batteries

RBC27 SU2200RMXLi3U replacement SLA Batteries

$127.88 Reg. Price $195.99   You Save $68.11
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This UPS replacement battery kit contains replacement batteries only. You must re-use your existing cabling and hardware. Simply note dis-assembley and save 100$ over wired kits.

Your old batteries may 7ah or 7.5 ah - PowerStar has increased the capacity to 9ah,

PowerStar batteries are advance AGM

Dont Just replace, improve and increase capacity and performance

Kit consists of (8) 12Volt 9AH Lead acid batteries
Voltage 12
AH Rating 9 Chemistry
Sealed Lead Acid Warranty
2 Year RBC27 battery
kit replaces these APC models: RBC27, SU2200RMXL3U, SU2200RMXLi3U, SU3000RMXL3U, SU3000RMXLi3U, SU48R3XLBP, SU48RMXLBP3U


10 Facts about PowerStar AGM Batteries