We Buy Junk Batteries - Recycle and get Paid


Don't throw those old batteries out..They are worth Money $$$

We Buy Junk Batteries                                                                            

Be responsible -  Recycle and get paid.
In the age of Going green - Literally  Go Green $

Immediate Payment -  Any Condition - Lead, Nicad, Ni-Mh and Li-ion 
Any Size  or Quantity

Deliver to our Location at

772 Twin Rail Dr, Minooka IL 60447 or call 815-467-6464
Email Us
We will pick up larger qtys.

Current Junk Payments   

Lead                      15 cents per pound - Typical car battery  6$ to 10$                                
Ni-cad,                   10 cents per pound
Ni-Mh and Li-ion   .25 cents per pound

Markets fluctuate - so don't hesitate to call 815-467-6464 for an estimate or feel free to use our Online Calculator for an idea of what you would receive.

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