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Hand Held Metal Detector Replacement for Garrett Super Scanner

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garrett superscanner hand wand

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The MD-140 is considered one of the worlds most reliable and sensitive hand wands in the market. The Metal Defender MD-140 is a direct replacement Hand Held Metal Detector Replacement for Garrett Super Scanner. Known mostly for providing rapid and accurate scanning without body contact. This handheld metal detector is designed to safeguard security-sensitive areas like schools, courtrooms, sports events, night club. etc. It is widely used for airports, railway stations, customs, stadiums, public security, loss prevention, & jewelry stores.  This handheld metal comes packed with Adjustable high and low sensitivity levels as well as vibration or alarm, it can even pickup items as small as a nail. If your looking for a reliable hand held metal detector that is simple to use look no further then the Metal Defender MD-140 Hand Held Security Scanner. Professional High Sensitivity Hand Held Metal Detector Security Wand.



Detects Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal
The MD-140 is capable of detecting all types of metal, both ferrous & non-ferrous

Adjustable Sensitivity - Fully Digital Design
Switch between low & high sensitivity. Can detect objects as small as a paperclip through an inch of dense material.

1.25in - 2.40in - Will Detect Nail or Paperclip.
2.95in - 3.93in -  Will Detect Coins
5.90in - 6.00inc - Will Detect Guns and Knifes

Audio & Vibration Alarms
Choose Between Sound or Vibration Alerts

Extremely High Detecting Speed
The MD-140 detects most metallic objects instantly. Provides rapid and accurate scanning without body contact


Length: 14.3"

Weight: 0.75lbs

Runs on a single 9v battery (not included)


Hand Held Metal Detector Replacement for Garrett Super Scanner