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Interested In Becoming a Wholesale Distributor for the Fastest Growing Battery Company?

Download & fill out our credit application and send it to and we will contact you within 24-48 hours, or call 815-467-6464

Open Monday-Friday from 8AM-4:30PM CST and Sat 8AM-2PM CST.

Click Here To Download Credit Application


PowerStar and Banshee Brand Batteries Are The Fastest Growing Battery Brands in the U.S.

Customers have relied on PowerStar and Banshee Brand Batteries for combined 12yrs to supply the most reliable cranking battery with unmatched warranty. High product quality control; Met through our Quality Control Team and testing of product.

Whether it's on land, sea, or snow- PowerStar and Banshee Brand Batteries have the power it takes. PowerStar and Banshee Batteries have an excellent charge acceptance and recovery capability even after deep discharge they will deliver reliable restarts.


Why Become a Wholesale Distributor for Banshee and PowerStar Brand Batteries!!

- PowerStar and Banshee are backed by free replacement warranty. Never prorated.
- Competitive pricing.
- Free drop shipping.
- Constructed of pure lead plates that delivers massive cranking power.
- Spill proof, leak proof, maintenance free.
- Batteries are shipped or delivered based on needs. No consignment.
- Low to NO shipping fees.
- Pallet Options: Mix and Match batteries.Min.30 Pieces.- Free local delivery.
- Inventory is Fresh.Always.
- No Core Deposit.
- Private Label option. Min. 200 pieces.
- No start up fees needed.
- Business name and location will be displayed on website for dealer locator.
- Business materials: We can provide brochures, banners and signs.



Banshee offers Li-ION maintenance free batteries that are great for Power Sports and Motor Sports. Massive starting power, so it takes a beating and keeps on delivering power. Banshee Li-ION has non-slip grip on bottom and built in volt meter, so you always know the life of your battery. (Click here to learn more)


Built In Voltage Meter

Non-Slip Grip



Banshee, Group 31M Marine Battery, constructed with pure lead plates and can handle 400 charge and discharge cycles. Built in Hydrometer which easily tells the current state of your battery and life. Never need to add water. (Click here to learn more)


Pure Lead Plates

Built-In Hydrometer


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