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PowerStar Replacement for RBC47 Kit

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PowerStar PS12-3.3 AGm Sealed Lead Acid Battery RBC47

(1) 12V 3.3AH replacement Battery


  • Apc (American Power C BE325
  • Apc (American Power C RBC47
  • Interstate Batteries ASLA1041
  • Kung Long WP3-12
  • R&D 5384
  • R&D 5667
  • Rhino Batteries SLA3-12
  • Siemens SC7000
  • Universal Battery UB1234
  • Vision CP1232
  •                              PowerStar® Brand Batteries

    2 year warranty        100% compatible     Advanced AGM Technology 

                                   Sealed – Maintenance Free

    PowerStar® Brand batteries are offered Exclusively by BatteryJack Inc.