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Security Hand-held Metal Detector Adjustable Sensitivity Audio & Vibration Alarms

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The MD-L1001 rechargeable hand held detector is a user friendly portable metal detector capable of detecting any concealed metallic objects including guns, knives, box cutters, jewelry, electronic components and more. It is suitable for using at airports, seaports, banks, public buildings, prisons, stadiums, hospitals and schools.


Key Features Include

• Durable and light weight

• Large scanning surface to permit quick and thorough scanning

• Choice of sound or alarm

• Sensitivity adjuster

• Low battery indicator



Power: 9V Battery (not included)

Operating Frequency: 30KHz

Operating Temperature: -15°C to +55°C

Weight: 12 oz

Dimensions: L-14.8 x W-3 x H-1 inches



Detects Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metal
The MD-1001C is capable of detecting all types of metal, both ferrous & non-ferrous

Adjustable Sensitivity - Fully Digital Design
Adjust the sensitivity to only pick up metal of a certain size. Can detect objects as small as a paperclip

Audio & Vibration Alarms
Choose between sound or vibration alerts

LED Alerts
When powered on, a green LED indicator will blink. When metal has been detected, a red LED indicator will light up


Extremely High Detecting Speed
The MD-1001C detects most metallic objects instantly. Provides rapid and accurate scanning without body contact

Low Battery Indicator
When the battery is getting low a yellow LED indicator will turn on at the base of the handle

100 hours continuous operation on a single 9V battery. Rechargeable battery optional