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12V 55AH Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery Group 22NF

12V 55AH Sealed Lead Acid AGM Battery Group 22NF

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Powerstar 12v 55ah sealed lead acid agm battery

PowerStar 12v 55ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery

PowerStar FAQ        10 Facts about PowerStar AGM Batteries

SLA, AGM, 22NF, 12V, 55AH. L= 9.0 c W = 5.4 x H = 8.1 inches.

                                    SPEC SHEET

                            PowerStar® Brand Batteries

2 year warranty        100% compatible     Advanced AGM Technology 

                               Sealed – Maintenance Free

PowerStar® Brand batteries are offered Exclusively by BatteryJack Inc

Replaces.. Battery Giant battery 22NF-420, Group 22NF, 22NF-HCBCI, # 22NF, Car Quest 22NF40
 Deka 322NF, Delco 351, Exide 22NF-40, Harris 22NF-40, Interstate SP-22NF, Motorcraft BH-22NF,
 NAPA 5022NF, Sears 36922

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