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Acoustic Tube Earpiece Mic PTT 2 Pin for Motorola RLN5317

Acoustic Tube Earpiece Mic PTT 2 Pin for Motorola RLN5317

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Surveillance Mic Earpiece Motorola CP040 CP125 CP140 CP150 CP185 CP200 P1225


-Highest Quality Cells and Components -

Surveillance Earpiece with Quick Disconnect for Motorola


Replacement Earpiece for the Following: MOTOROLA: GP300, SP50, P110,P1225,P1225LS,LTS2000,CP88, CP150,CP200,CT150,CT250,CT450,CT450LS,GP308,P080,P2000, PRO2150,PRO3150,P040,P080,GP68,GP88,PR400,SP10,SP21, XTN500,XTN600,PRO1150,CP100,PMR446,XTN446,XU1100,CLS1110, CLS1410, XU2600,HLN9716, HLN9482A Speaker Mic Replacement for HMN9030


1. Water-resistant (IP54).

2.Quick Disconnect adapter:easily replace or alternate acoustic tubes

3. Clear quick-disconnect audio acoustic coil tube

4. Unique Cable Retention Feature to eliminate strain on the earphone cable

5. Extra Ear Hanger to choose for fixing acoustic tube on ear.



Earphone Unit

  • Diameterü16 mm
  • Sensitivity: 85dB
  • Max Input Powerü200m W
  • Unit Impedanceü32ü ohm 




Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications.