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 Vocollect SR-20 Medium Duty HD-700-1 Replacement Headset-Burris

Vocollect SR-20 Medium Duty HD-700-1 Replacement Headset-Burris

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SR20-T headset is a lightweight single cup headset that rests on one ear and is designed for use in normal noise environments.

Specifically for industrial and distribution center environments where background noise, temperature and humidity range to extreme levels

Comfortable - weighs just 6 ounces.

Adjustable, flexible Boom mic, bio-directional, noise canceling and waterproof

We use a screw connector to attached to the device. Stays attached securely.

We use an HRS connector from the headset to the device, This is so, if any part of the cable becomes broken or damaged - it can be replaced easily.  just order replacement cable - no need to send in for lengthy repair, or replacement..

Padded, waterproof ear cup adjusts vertically and horizontally to fit snugly and comfortably.

Reversible, users can wear it on either side of the head ear

18 Month Warranty

Works with T2, T2X, T5