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HM-133 Mobile Car Transceiver Handheld Speaker for IC-2720H 208H IC-2200H Tank Brand ®

HM-133 Mobile Car Transceiver Handheld Speaker for IC-2720H 208H IC-2200H Tank Brand ®

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Heavy duty push to talk PTT button located on the side. clear sound performance and comfortable holding

The casing is made of durable plastic material

With metal clip at the top

Diameter 4.2mm PU cable is flexible and durable

Connector: RJ-45 8-pin Plug


Fits Radios listed here and many more:
ICOM 706, 706MKII, 706MKIIG, IC F1721D, IC F1721, IC F 1821D, IC F1821, IC 2100H, IC 2000, IC F2721D,  IC F2721, IC F2821D, IC F2821, IC 7000, V8000, IC 2000/H IC 207H, IC 208H, IC 2200H, IC 2720H, ICOM ID1, ICOM ID800, IC F320S, IC F320, IC F420S, IC F420, IC F121S, IC F121/S, IC F221/S, IC F221, IC F520, IC F521, IC F620, IC F621, IC F621TR, IC F2010, IC F2020, IC F1610, IC F1020, IC F2610 includes BIIS vers),  IC F621 (includes BIIS vers) IC F610MT, IC F620MT,  IC F620TR, IC FR3000, IC F4000, IC F 3100, IC F4100, IC F510N, IC F 610N/W, IC F610 MPT N/W, IC FR3100, IC FR4100 LOW BAND AND HIGH BAND, IC F1710, IC F2710, IC F1810, IC F2810, IC F1721D, IC-F1710,IC-F1810,IC-F2710 ,IC-F2810 IC-F110N, IC-F110SN,IC-F210 N/W, IC-F210S N/W IC-F510N, IC-F510N BIIS,IC-F610 N/W, IC-F610 N/W BIIS IC-F610 N/W MPT, IC-F1610, IC-F2610 (includes BIIS Ver.) IC-F1010, IC-F2010, IC-F1020, IC-F2020, IC-F510, IC-F610, IC-F520/F521, IC-F610/F621 (includes BIIS Ver.) IC-F110/S, IC-F210/S, IC-F111/S, IC-F211/S, IC-F121/S, IC-F221/S IC-F610 MT Ver., IC-F620 MT Ver., IC-F620TR, IC-F621TR, IC-FR3000, IC-FR4000, IC-FR3100, IC-FR410