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PowerStarŪ 12V 15Ah F2 UPS Battery for Power Patrol Sla1105 - 3 Year Warranty

PowerStarŪ 12V 15Ah F2 UPS Battery for Power Patrol Sla1105 - 3 Year Warranty

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PowerStar 12v 15ah SLA AGM Battery

 2 year warranty 100% compatible     
Advanced AGM Technology
Sealed – Maintenance Free
Spec Sheet


Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)
Electric Power System (EPS)
Emergency backup power supply
Emergency light
Railway signal Aircraft signal
Alarm and security system
Electronic apparatus and equipment
Communication power supply
DC power supply Auto control system


Length 151 1mm (5.95 inches)
Width 98 1mm (3.86 inches)
Container Height 95 1mm (3.74 inches)
Total Height (with Terminal) 101 1mm (3.98 inches)
Approx 4.20 kg (9.26lbs)

  Replaces  UB12120, PS12120, NP12-12

Fits these models

Akai Flyer electric scooter Giant LaFree Sport electric bicycle
BladeZ models: XTR 450, XTR 500, 807 XTRS, XTR COMP, XTR COMP II, XTR SE,  Power Trans, Street, Street II, Paverunner 450EX, Paverunner 450EL, and Transport electric scooters Go Go electric scooter
LashOut electric bicycle
PB 806 and SM 806 electric scooters
Python Electric Bicycle
Rad2Go Great White E-36
Boreem electric scooters (check size) Rad2Go Leopard Shark E5
Charly electric scooter Shredder electric scooter
Citybug and Helper electric scooters Spartan Sport FS-102 and FS105
Currie electric bicycle (frame mount) Sporty electric scooter
Currie Electro-Drive electric bicycle kit Star II electric scooters (check size)
Currie electric tricycle Synergy Cycles electric bicycle
Dash electric scooter X-Port electric scooter
eBike 24 Volt electric bicycle Xrazor electric scooter
Electra electric scooter X-Treme X-360 electric scooter
E-Raser electric scooter (check size) X-Treme XP-700 electric pocket bike
E-Scooter scooters (check size) Zooma electric scooter
ETC Express electric bicycle kit  


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